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Bailey Orenia

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As the author of ‘Life Been Lifing: Don’t Be Distracted from Your Purpose,’ Bailey doesn’t just guide, she immerses you in one of the most profound and transformative endeavors you will experience: finding your purpose. Her sessions are not lectures, but dynamic exchanges of ideas, fostering a learning environment that encourages thought-provoking activities, discussions, and promotes actionable takeaways.

With 20+ years of “skin in the game” as an entrepreneur, Bailey’s eclectic communications background has allowed her to share her expertise with tens of thousands of men and women, including students and business professionals. She brings a unique blend of wisdom, insight, and relatability that connects with diverse audiences.

Her repertoire is a testament to her diverse experiences and expertise. From working with companies like XM Radio as an on-air talent to being the lifestyle content producer who helped launch BET.com and a columnist for AOL, Bailey has left her mark. Her insights have been featured in publications such as VISTAS Magazine, The New York Daily News, Afro Newspaper, The Washington Post, Bustle, and NBC.

The Back Story

Bailey Sessoms

Growing up, like many girls, Bailey was constantly teased about her appearance. She became insecure about her looks and lacked self-love. But she was determined not to let that stop her. Bailey realized the key to being comfortable in her skin was believing she had something to offer. “I knew God created me with a purpose, and I took others’ negative energy and transformed it into a successful brand.”

The same applies when searching for your purpose. First, honor God and own what’s unique about you! Then, take what He has called you to do and positively impact the world so others may see Him in you.

That’s how you create a life you love and find fulfillment. This is what Bailey prays for when working with discouraged Christians. Living on purpose is everything. This can only be done by being authentic and doing what God has created you to do, not by having a herd mentality.