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Looking for a knowledgeable speaker with a dash of entertaining “tongue-in-cheek” truth?

Let’s Talk About Doing Something Amazing!

Helping college students and business professionals at a crossroads align with a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life.

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Many aspire to partner with a speaker known for their adaptability and collaborative approach. In anticipation of your upcoming event, we propose dedicating time to discuss event logistics and tailor a presentation format that resonates specifically with your audience. Whether catering to a corporate crowd or an intimate gathering, we commit to collaborating closely with you in crafting a bespoke and memorable experience.


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A catalyst for transformation.
A guide to self-discovery.
A beacon of inspiration.

There Is An "I" In Team


The adage “There is no ‘I’ in team,” it is a testament to the collaborative nature and the collective effort. While the focus may be on the collective “we,” acknowledging and appreciating the “I” in team highlights the significance of individual strengths, creativity, and diverse talents that collectively propel the team toward its goals. In this exploration of teamwork, we delve into the dynamic interplay between the individual and the collective, understanding how the strength of each “I” harmonizes with the team’s synergy.

Who You Rollin' With?


Building real professional connections is a fundamental skill that can significantly enhance your career trajectory and personal growth. Mastering the art of making genuine connections can open doors to opportunities, collaboration, and a supportive network. We will explore fundamental principles and strategies that can help you navigate the realm of networking with authenticity and purpose, empowering you to forge lasting connections beyond mere transactions.

Mining Your Time


Designed for audiences who feel stuck, unfulfilled, or helpless amidst life’s challenges. In a world where time is often equated with money, our workshop challenges this notion by emphasizing the priceless nature of time—once lost, it cannot be reclaimed. This workshop is crafted to assist you in crafting a time budget that aligns with your values and life aspirations. Departing from traditional schedules, it emphasizes holistic time and energy allocation rather than micromanaging tasks. The ultimate objective is cultivating self-awareness free from judgment and fostering sincere introspection for positive and lasting change. Join us and unlock the potential to invest your time wisely in pursuing a more fulfilling life.

The Imposter vs The Called


How does one discern between the authentic pull toward a divine purpose and the nagging whispers of self-doubt? During this session, attendees will learn how to overcome the complexities that arise when the imposter syndrome clashes with a profound sense of divine calling.

Your Purpose Pitch
WORKSHOP (Requirement: Read “Life Been Lifing”)

Like an elevator pitch, your “purpose pitch” has a deeper meaning because it declares God’s will on your life. You will surely use it in the same settings, but it aims to convey why you exist and how you serve others. It should pique the listener’s interest and make them want to learn more. Attendees will be guided to create a successful purpose pitch that is clear, engaging, and memorable.

Ways of Impact

Elevate your event with a speaking engagement that leaves a lasting imprint, fostering a sense of purpose that resonates long after the applause fades away.


Guiding individuals and teams towards a deeper understanding of their purpose, fostering a sense of direction and meaning in their personal and professional lives.


Empowering individuals to unleash their full potential, providing practical personal growth and fulfillment strategies.


Fostering a purpose-driven culture within organizations by emphasizing the collective significance of individual roles and contributions, enhancing team cohesion and productivity.


Great speakers are great storytellers, making concepts accessible and relatable. Through the power of storytelling, Bailey connects with listeners on a personal level, leaving them inspired and motivated to apply newfound insights in their personal and professional lives.

Client L♥ve

“Bailey offered so many “valuable nuggets” during our Fashionably Business Workshop Series. She brings the perfect mix of expertise, teaching skills, and witty humor that every event manager envisions getting from a speaker!”

— Christine Brooks-Cropper,
Founder & President of DC Fashion Foundation

You’re Headed In
The Right Direction

Talks that ignite inspiration, foster creativity, and leave a lasting impact on audiences. As a seasoned speaker, Bailey brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to every engagement, ensuring an unforgettable experience.



Crafting a message that resonates requires a deep understanding of your audience and event objectives. Bailey tailors her presentations to address your audience’s specific needs and interests. Whether it’s a keynote address, workshop, or seminar, each talk is customized to leave a lasting impression.



Virtual and

In a world where virtual connections are increasingly important, Bailey’s speaking services are adaptable to in-person and virtual formats. Whether your event is a live conference or a virtual summit, she brings the same energy, expertise, and interactivity to create a memorable experience.



Post-Event Resources

The impact of a great speech extends beyond the stage. Your attendees will receive post-event resources such as summaries, recommended readings, and follow-up materials. This commitment to ongoing engagement enhances the long-term impact of the messages shared.

Meet Bailey

With 20+ years of skin in the game as an entrepreneur, Bailey’s eclectic communications background has allowed her to share her expertise with tens of thousands of men and women. She brings a unique blend of wisdom, insight, and relatability that connects with diverse audiences.

Her repertoire consists of working with companies like… READ MORE >>>


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